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Fire Control Documentary Series National Release
Chinaí»s first fire safety educational documentary series Fire Control Documentary Series was fully completed and will be ready for national release on next National Fire Safety Day, Sep 11th , in the form of book and audiovisual product. 
Produced and distributed by the Yellow River Audiovisual Publishing House, Fire Control Documentary Series contains six parts, which includes Fire Control in Public Entertainment Venues, Fire Control in Shopping Malls, Fire Control for Historic Buildings, Fire Control in Petro Stations, Fire Evacuation and Rescue in High-rise Buildings, and Fire Safety and Emergency Response in Transporting Vehicles etc..
Around the topic of fire control and safety, this documentary used vivid pictures, understandable narration and real life examples to present scientific and objective analysis of the characters and reasons of conflagrations in places such as public entertainment venues, shopping malls and petro stations etc.. The documentaries also introduced expertsí» opinions on precautions, rescue skills and emergency response etc..