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Our Brand
    Starting from 1983, with 3 decades of passion and dedication in China¡¯s traditional culture, the Yellow River Audiovisual Publishing has established a strong and well-received brand as a audiovisual producer and publisher in mainland China. The most well-know brand name Guchuitai has become a symbol for traditional Chinese opera.

Our Quality
    The Yellow River Audiovisual Publishing is also a name for best quality, and we promise to provide our customers with only the best audiovisual art work.

Our Team
    Our elite team are best professionals in the field that allow us to provide service with highest competencies. From planning, shooting, post production, to marketing, publicity and distribution etc., our team could work together to bring the best outcome.

Our Partners
    During last 30 years of operation, we have built strong ties with enterprises and social organisations in the field of motion pictures, music, traditional art and education. Together with our partners, we aiming to boost the golden age of Chinese culture and entertainment sector.