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    First founded in 1983 as a publishing house, for almost 3 decades, The Yellow River Audiovisual Publishing Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the production and distribution of high quality audiovisual products.
    As a state-owned, national A Class publishing house, our main purpose is to disseminate and carry forward the traditional culture and art. The main products range from local opera to contemporary pops and dance. Up to now, 38 products have received national or provincial awards.
    To take the preemptive opportunities, and quickly adapt to the changing market, from 2011 to 2013, the Publishing House successfully accomplished its shareholding restructure, transformed from a state-owned company to a state-holding enterprises, the Yellow River Audiovisual Publishing Co., Ltd.
    Recently, in searching for new area of development, the Yellow River Publishing collaborated with companies in the field of motion picture productions, produced and distributed some popular movies like Ip Man 2(2010) and Saving General Young (2013). The Yellow River Publishing also set its eye on documentary productions, and co-founded Chinese Professional Writers Committee for Science Film and Television (CPWCSFT) with Chinese Science Writers Association(CSWA), which is the only organisation that provides materials for science film production.
    The new Yellow River enterprise is aiming at construct a real chain for Chinese motion picture industry, and now, there are several project under operation that allow us to work towards our goal.